Friday, September 6, 2013

Above the Waves

It's been a busy few weeks here in Arizona.  For so many weeks I trudged through page after page of bare white employment websites and somehow stumbled upon a job, which I started this week.  It puts me in my place--in a place of wonder--to think of God's kindness to me.  It's nothing special from the outside, but working where I do is like winning my own personal "find a job" lottery.  It is everything I could want (and from the beginning it was never really up to chance).
Jonathan has been waiting all this week to hear from a prospective employer after his final interview last week.  So we have been constantly reminding ourselves that God is faithful--he led us here in the first place, and it wasn't so that we would fail.  He promised we would find new life here, the fertile soil that has already shown itself so clearly in the two years our friends have adventured here before us.
This morning he found out he got the job.
This afternoon was punctuated by our first Arizona rainbow.

These weeks have been lessons in seeing the bigger picture.  When there is so much new happening, how do you remember to see the story all around you?

Sometimes I know it's me bobbing there in the water, treading just hard enough to see the sky.
Above the waves, I can see something that is bigger than just my own beautiful mess.  There is a sky out there that stretches beyond me and leads me to places I never dreamed I could go.  And there is light there, hope for my life and hope for the world.  Above the waves there is quiet.  Stillness.
With so much of my own life swirling around me, I could go a long time without ever looking up and out.  But it's bad posture to sit so long in a scrunched up position, and you tend to get stuck that way.

So it's my goal these days to remember to keep my eyes above the waves--to look up frequently from what I'm doing and live with a purpose bigger than now.

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